Thursday, February 26, 2015

Update on STS

I've abandoned the previous version of STS and i am now working a new, clean one. I took everything that i liked in the old version, and started building on that.
I also dumped Box2D because i deemed it an overkill for a project of this type (which means Box2DLights got dumped too)
The new lighting system is written by me and uses simple raycasting to determine a object's visibility.
GUI got redrawn, and looks a little bit better (in my opinion).

Sorry for not posting for so long, i didn't have time for programming recently :/

Here are some screenshots:

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Rage Day

So i took part in PewDiePie's Game Jam and i have made this abomination - Rage Day.
Here are the links: the game's page - the forum post
Its a simple infinite scrolling platformer shooter in which you have to collect meat from killed animals in a short period of time (listening to Sepultura). Now why would you want to kill peacefull animals? Well...
Because they stole the cake.

PS: STS has now it's own webpage! Clicky

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Another Update

The game is starting to actually look like something! I even made a youtube video, check it out : Clicky.
The more time i spend on this game, the more i want it to be finished, witch is bad because i want the quality to be quite high (as high as i can haha). Changelog for the newest version (0.0.4):

  • Player avatar
  • Help window
  • Armor indicator
  • Damage indicator
  • Combat system
  • Spells (almost done)
  • Lazy camera
  • Changed forest map
  • Added magma test world map
  • Changed the player appearance to human haha
I also made a trello project, link : Clicky.
Link to the newest version of STS: Clicky. 
Aaaand some screenshots :))

Monday, June 30, 2014


Finally the school is over. Now i will work on the project 24/7 so there will be probably daily updates. Whats new in this version:

  • Effects(buffs & debuffs) 
  • Working consumable items
  •  Working leveling and stats system 
  • Item description(hover over the item and shortly after it will pop-up) 
  • More items (animated platelegs, ring, shield and some magical books)
  •  Some sounds(main menu - wind & fire, items - coins & potions)
 Currently im working on spells and combat, should be done in 2-3 days.
Download : Clicky.
 Here are some screenshots:

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Game On Music

    Game On Music is an innovative music project on a national scale! On June 14 in Kiev Cinema Centre (Kraków, Poland) will be a spectacular show: The team MultiPlayer Ensemble will play for you the most popular themes from titles like Assassin's Creed, The Witcher, Heroes of Might & Magic and many more. There will be additional attractions such as visuals that bring the audience into the virtual world of computer games.
    Do i need to encourage anyone :D ? Every fan of games and music related to them should go there.


  • Facebook Project Page : Clicky.
  • Facebook MultiPlayer Ensemble Fan Page : Clicky.
  • Buy Tickets Online : Clicky.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Spam The Spacebar Alpha 3

    In this version i have added a effects system and the stats are actually working now. When walking around you can now hold left shift to hold your direction and space to hack & slash. The projectile upon hitting something checks if it contains MobBehavior and if it does, it "injects" the effects that have been given to it in the constructor.
    Effects are stored in the Stats class and are being updated by the parent Behavior class, they can be repeating(several steps) or persistent (one time effect, wears of after some time passes) and can affect all the stats of the Stats class. There is also a option to revert the effects of a effect, so you can have temporary debuffs or buffs.
    In later versions i will add a Buff class witch will hold several Effects and have a name, description, scale(for power scaling, spell levels), image(for the interface), and will be read from a file.
    The hardest part is adding the Spell class, it could be a projectile spell, AOE spell(line - from player to cursor, point - around cursor), target spell(click on entity) or instantiate spell(spawns an entity). It would also have a sound effect, image, name, description, array of arrays of buffs for on hit effects(for different levels), max spell level, array of spell upgrade point costs(for upgrading), array of ints representing at witch level the player can upgrade the spell to the next level, array of arrays of item names to consume from inventory(2d array for leveling) and of course spirit cost. Again, everything would be read from a file, so i will also need to make a editor for that to speed up the process.

tl;dr: added effects and will add buffs& spells, shitton of work.

Heres the STS Alpha 0.3 : Clicky
And heres some screenshots:

Monday, May 19, 2014


    As you guys probably noticed, i haven't posted anything in a while, so this post is a sort of excuse. I have a LOT of work right now, the school is almost over, and i've got some grades to pull up. But once the vacation starts, damnn, i will be 24/7 behind the screen heh :D.
    In some spare time that i had last couple of weekends, i hacked together a combat system, a unfinished shop and some basic AI (no A* pathfinding :C). I can't show any pics of it right now tho, im writing this on my phone xd. Combat looks awful, you can only throw white bananas that symbolize weapon slashes but later there will be some spells, bufs&debuffs, knockback etc..
    I'm considering multiplayer, but i'm afraid of the work it requires to add. I see 2 options :

  1. Narya - "A framework for building realtime distributed systems with an emphasis on multiplayer online games (massive or otherwise).". Really nice, simple, and kinda makes me want to implement it ;)
  2. KryoNet - "A Java library that provides a clean and simple API for efficient TCP and UDP client/server network communication using NIO. KryoNet uses the Kryo serialization library to automatically and efficiently transfer object graphs across the network.". More efficient than Narya, runs on Android (but the game will be desktop only so thats no advantage for me), probably a little harder, but looks like it's worth it.
I imagine multiplayer will be more like (some number)-player co-op instead of server-client like, fits the theme more i think. Im open to suggestions so if you guys have some proposals, pm me :)

Heheh get it?