Sunday, April 6, 2014


Mobs are working. They load, they move, they think, they wear gear, but can't fight yet :c I hope i will find some time tomorrow to add (pa)trolling and aggressive behavior. Im still having trouble with figuring out how to do the AI, perhaps waypoints with A*? Cause A* with tiles is kinda impractical, keeping in mind that there could be various sized tiles and static objects. If someone comes up with something, or did this before and can offer me help, pm me ( ).

Sunday, March 30, 2014

New Background

  I made this background yesterday for the main menu, the fire is also animated, but im lazy and didn't make a gif :P When you open up the game, it smoothly zooms into the player and slides the buttons from the left.
  Currently im working on the mobs (todo: loading from file, AI) but i have exams soon so i wont have that much time left to work on it :C
  Also, while making the background, i thought of making a game with this "planet" effect that as you walk forwards or backwards, the entities pop from the horizon, or from the bottom. THAT would look VERY cool. I need to remember that.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Spam The Spacebar Alpha 2

  The previous game didn't really work out because the code got really messy and i couldn't enjoy making it anymore. Now im making a rpg-rougelike-hack&slash type of game and it's going pretty good. Currently im trying to integrate some type of monsters and equipment, witch is somewhat hard, because i want it to be flexible and highly customizable (editor will be released with the game). Right now i have just the map, player, collision detection, lights and, i guess, GUI.

Here are some screenshots:

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Jumping platforms? Swimming?

I was thinking recently of adding jump pads and water, would be cool eh :D ? The jump pads could be disguised as normal entities and when they detect some other entity on them ( having no other ground under it ) they would bend down, taking the entity with them, and push it upwards, propelling it into the air by some defined force. In the map editor they would look just like any other entities, just other name and color.
Now the problem is it would take me some time, around 4 hours to make it, perfect it and polish it so it feels nice and slick, not laggy and buggy,  but i dont have that much time today.

I already taught about water before so i programmed the physics system and jack with it in mind. All i would need to do is create some art, add a new tile collision type to the editor , hard code the detection into the collision manager then tell it to switch the "isInWater" to true for any entity in water and vice-versa. One other thing is that when jack is in water, it's animation switches to swimming animation so i would need to draw that one too.

So yeah, i think i will do water first.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

A little demo of what im working on

Hi guys :) I've been working on a game for 2 weeks now, and decided to show you what i already got, it's called "The Golden Temple". It will be a generic platformer and the action will we rolling in a aztec/maya/ancient civilisation temple where you will need to fight off various monsters while trying to collect as many treasure as you can. Right now i try to get down the mechanics and not focus too much on art(witch i have trouble with xd) so all those blocks of color are just placeholders.Here are some screenshots:

I case you want to try it:

Moving : Arrows
Jumping : Z
Secret : ?

Things done/im working on:
  • Sound System with LRU Cache (no sounds currently it's tested and works) 
  • Dynamic Camera 
  • Jack (the green guy) 
  • Monsters 
  • Pickups 
  • Trigger Ares 
  • Main Menu 
  • Game Scene 
  • Maps 
  • Parallax Background with multiple layer support 
  • Android support (Duuuh, LibGDX please) 
  • Very, i repeat very RAM efficient code (except for the pickups - too lazy to implement pooling and other shit xd) 
  • Freaking PHEEEZIX man, damn that took me long.( Had to write my own engine, not as good as Box2D and a little crappy, but it works - and most importantly, i know how it works)

Things TO-DO:
  • Art..... large amounts of it and some reasonable quality. 
  • Jumping platforms - because why not? 
  • Dozen of various monsters and pickups. 
  • Proper GUI 
  • Sound Effects 
  • Some other things i cant even think of

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Blog!

Soo, this will be the first post on my fresh new blog. Don't expect anything outrageous, all you will see here is updates on my projects, ideas, rage, and occasionally - some demos. I will try to update my blog daily but knowing me, it will be every 2 to 3 days.

PS: Achievement get! Find my blog! Here, have a kitty -->